i still believe

Right. I’m back from holidays, lovely, LOVELY holidays. And I’m NOT happy about it, don’t get too close….

But, let’s get back to business…I’m going to ease in on a quick one. AGES ago I did a post called Rookies about new stuff in shops that had caught my beady eye and this Mango jumpsuit for €29.95 was a major forerunner.


Because it is HOT and basically free. Naturally, your friendly fashion spend freak here picked it up and today to keep up the “I’m still in Spain, yes I am” buzz, I am wearing it. Wanna see….?




There I am, in all my summertime glory. I have teamed my wondrous jumpsuit with some heels from Penneys and the layered necklace game of which I am a regular player, courtesy of Urban Outfitters and Zara. And of course, sunglasses, because the dream lives on.


An insider secret.

Clearly, this jumpsuit was made for a woman of Amazonian proportions because the length of the trousers in it were RIDICULOUS, so after tripping my way into work this morning, I stapled them up…I’ll sew it later (hahahahahahahahaha, I nearly believed that myself). Look closely and you will see my handiwork.




See the staples glistening in the sun! Imagine going through security in the airport with that amount of metal on you…

Not that there’s a chance of that happening again for a LONG while.


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