Down the rabbit hole

A quiet Tuesday.

There I am, having a look through facebook…seeing what’s going on in other peoples lives, and out of the corner of my eye…you know those ads down the right hand side that you don’t really take much notice of? WELL. I saw this dress on a promo for for £69.

Elmington-Dresses-Multi-Finery-London-0586 Elmington-Dresses-Multi-Finery-London-0579 Elmington-Dresses-Multi-Finery-London-0517

That was that, I was sucked in…clicked onto link…just to see! and the rest of the site did not disappoint. Now, they do tops, trousers, shoes etc. as well but it’s the dresses that really rocked my boat. I’ve picked a few of the coolest ones for us to stare in awe at.

Darlington-Dresses-Yellow-Finery-London_0168 Darlington-Dresses-Yellow-Finery-London_0164 Darlington-Dresses-Yellow-Finery-London_0150

Nice. Classy. Kind of like wearing a carpet. But in a good way. £149.

Abbot-Dresses-Multi-Finery-London-0053 Abbot-dresses-multi-finery-london-0076 Abbot-Dresses-Multi-Finery-London-0088

Look, you’ve got to ignore the choice of shoes in the first shot and imagine a serious black or red heel going on here. This dress is THE SHIT. £49. This could be the one I go for. Today is payday coincidentally….yee haw.

Elverson-Dresses-Navy-Finery-London-0048 Elverson-Dresses-Navy-Finery-London-0014

The summer isn’t over til it’s over. You could squeeze another couple of weeks out of it and this is the dress to do it in. Also navy, let’s talk about navy for a minute. A slight difference to my usual black but sometimes…sometimes mind!!…it can look classier than black, especially in dresses. £55

Sticking with the navy-esque adventure, this next two piece is a cracker.


Love it. Top is £45 and skirt is £39. Delish. Summer to autumn done, Bob’s your uncle.

And no, I won’t stop there, the hits just keep coming…

Pembury-Dresses-Blue-Finery-London11603_F1 Pembury-Dresses-Blue-Finery-London11642_F1

Plain. BUT in a good way. And the colour is divine. £65

And to finish up…back to black

Bolton-DayDresses-Blue-Finery-London-2.jpg Bolton-DayDresses-Blue-Finery-London-3.jpg

Aaaaaaaah. Sweet. The drape at the back is pure hot tamali, no? This is £35 and this is a must buy.

There’s loads more for your viewing pleasure on the site and to add to my glee, just as I’m checking out, you get 15% off your first order. Excellent.

Excuse me now, I have to fill in my credit card number……..

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