kimono in

Today’s post is all about my brand new kimono coat that I got in ZARA (quelle surprise) in the sale…For how much? Well let’s reveal that little firecracker at the end, suffice to say it was well down from its initial asking price of €99.95.

Here we have it and er….me!


Beauteous! The coat now I mean, but you’re too kind….snigger.

A few more shots of me walking around in it, sure we’ve got time.



God I look serious there, but the coat people, the COAT. Now this is what it looked like on the lovely model on their website.



You can see why it caught my eye, right? And the price? I got it for €29.99. Shut up! you say.. No, no, I can’t. Straight up. And do you want the serious good news…it’s still there…NOW €19.99.

I’m sure there is a shorter way to link that up but WHATEVER, the end result is the same. Off you go now and snap it up. It’s a winner.

One more for the road? Why not.


The info for all the other stuff I’m wearing underneath is on my instagram page emmaisthenewblack if you so care to investigate, I thank you kindly.

Oh also, while checking if that coat was still a runner, I did fall across this other snippersnapper for just €49.95. When will it end!!??!




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