The Fashion Award Goes To…

A quick fly by look at some of the winners and losers (fashion wise) at Sunday nights Emmys. The world at their feet, designers beating down their doors, stylists are dime a dozen and yet still some of them make a right feck of it. However, firstly lets soak in the good ones.


This is ACES. Not for everyone mind, I mean you would want to be SUPERfit and SUPERballsy but it’s classic. Stephen Merchant did well.


The white trouser suit. Some love, some hate. I love. Although her accessories and hair are meh, the suit rocks.


Sometimes you just wanna be a big girlie girl and swish your way around a party. I get that. She got it.


This is hot. I would definitely wear this number. Top marks. Pure shimmering sexy stuff.


A jumpsuit! Hurrah! ALL about standing out from the crowd here in emmaisthenewblack towers. Good call January. GOOD call.

A few of the Litchfield inmates get some shots (hehheh)


Yeeeeeeee-es to this. Kinda Morticia Adams, love the big shoulders – cape – drama – deadly.


Did someone order a hot tamale?? Gorgeous.


This is not what I expected her to wear at all. Don’t know why, just also thought she was more of a tomboy…anyhoo, fabliss dress…not sure why she bothered with the out of place bolero. But imagine it’s not there and you have perfection.


Cape in a dress. Genius.


Ready for it.

The crazy ladies.


Ah now Heidi. WALK AWAY from the ‘I was once a supermodel’ section of your wardrobe and move on. Good girl.


Tiny head. TINY head. TINY HEAD.


Sweet Lord. This is horrendous. Awful. AWFUL.


Ah look. There are no words. The emperor’s new clothes.

However I shall end on a high. This is the way to do it. This is the dress of the night.


Outstanding. OUTSTANDING. Reminds me of the dress Miranda wore to Stanford’s wedding at the start of Sex and the City 2…which I fell in love with quite loudly in the cinema on first seeing….WANT ONE!

I bow to my new fashion queen (well, for this week!)

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