Halloween is coming, and like every year, the kids want to dress up and only the best will do and about 3 years ago I went onto and let my daughter pick out her costume and we ordered it and SHE HAS THE MEMORY OF A FRICKING HERD OF ELEPHANTS. So we’re back on again this year choosing a suitable character from Monster High for her to emulate….

I have a charge card with them you see…a mistake you might think…but no no no no no no no no, VERY handy, especially with 3 kids to get into costume on demand.

BUT. As we went on I spotted Myleene Klass looking quite fantabulous out of the corner of my eye in this dress.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.21.57

See where we’re going now?

Ah look, bottom line is I bought it. If Althea (the daughter) is getting something new then so am I! €67 so not a crowd pleaser but still it’s a cracker. Not a fan of the gold sandal however, but no worries, I put my own spin on things….literally.


From the side.


From the front.


The spin….oh yeah.


A walk off.


Ta dah!! I LOVE IT. Girlie McGirlieness! Swish. Naturally I will be back in my traditional black tomorrow, enough of that looking nice business.

I did spot this one on my way out….too much?

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.22.34

The girlie dress €67; the leather extravaganza €229 both @

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