Window Shopping Redefined

The infamous window of H&M in Dundrum Town Centre has lured me in again. Out wandering not looking for something to buy, means you will always see something to buy. You know when you have a fistful of dollars and go on the hunt and see NOTHING. Well, this day was a fashion antithesis of that, you could say.

My roving eye spotted this.


The dress that is. My mini days are well behind me! Annnnnnywwwwaaaaaaay I went in. NO harm in going in….but to my delight it was only €19.99, sure I’d spend that popping into Tesco on way home for milk….c’mon it was a no brainer. Cha-Ching!

And today I wore it to work and it’s mighty comfy and not at all see through, which was a legitimate fear when I took it off the hook this morning, let me tell you. This is me leaving the house…


With NO coat…in NOVEMBER. Crazy weather wha??? Love this time of year. LOVE it.

Ah no, I did wear a coat, I’m not banooonas.


And this is me in work, gazing off into the distance, possibly thinking about some wine later…



And these are the jewels…


€19.99 kiddos. I jest you not.

That window will be the death of me!

All info for rest of look is on my instagram for you.

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