Red Carpet Regrets

A quick little ditty about the British Fashion Awards.

Most of the looks were bad news bears sadly and the night that was in it and all…like the clue is in the name girls! But I’m just highlighting a few.


Look Lara, I’LL say it. Your knees are gone. Longer Chanel dresses from now on.


Lily, dressing like her ma would dress if she was trying to dress like her own ma.


Chloe hanging out beside her FATHER.


I mean she is stunning but this is a hot mess. If she takes off that see through ‘cover’ up is she just in a baby doll nightie??


How did she look at this on a hanger and go, “YES THAT’S IT!”. How? It’s a fashion world gone mad.

And finally… in the crazy lady looking for ALL the attention category…


This wallflower. Keep your eye on the prize there Mollie. How did she sit down for dinner with this on? The mind boggles. And the poor girl got makeup all over it too.



The middle ground.


I am not a fan of Cheryl. I am boycotting the X Factor this year because man has that ship sailed. BUT. I am intrigued by this Topshop number. The boots are atrocious obviously but the dress has got something…

However all is not lost, somewhere in amongst this style sahara, there are a few shining lights.


Gorgeous. The dress and her face. Amazing.


Georgia May rocking a black sexy Gucci number. Huge in-your-face rings. Right up my street. I was happy enough with this actually but then check it out from the back…


Batted OUT of the park. I need this in my life. Cools.


This is BEAUTIFUL. It’s by Mary Katrantzou and it’s Fanatabulous. She looks killer.


I think this very cute. Understated. Interesting. Embellished. Works for me. Except for the shoes, which are gak…in a word. Not like her to wear flats either, unless she’s packing. OMG that’s it!…she’s pregnant…I betcha! You read it here first…

And finally to home ground, Angela Scanlon looks amazing and those shoes are River Island, I kinda love her for that!

angela scanlon

If by chance she happens to read this, where did you get the clutch???

But the stars of the night….


Same shoes as Erin O’Connor, Eddy…nice dahling.




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