Who Can? Donna Ka(ra)n

For work the other day I was looking through catwalk shots of the SS16 shows to pick out some looks for a style page and I came across DKNY and my GOD it’s amazing. What follows now is just a load of pictures for you of HAWT clothes that I will never afford and can only hope that the highstreet will come up with some sort of copy for the fashion paupers amongst us, myself included…obviously.







See? Good, yes? But now hold on to your hats, THIS is where it gets very interesting…



This patterned stuff is unreal…..



THIS ROCKS. I actually used to have a dress kinda like this years ago. SO ahead of the curve….! Got it in some dept store in Sydney, would it have been Grace Bros…somewhere like that, I can’t remember! Sure I’m lucky if I remember what I wore last week…ANNNYWAAAAY, I digress….I would intern for her just to get this. Yep, leave the children, move to New York in my mid 40’s, live on nothing. THAT’s how much I love it.


Ah yeah. Deadly. DEADLY.

Listen, that’s it, sure what more can you say. The clothes do all the talking here.

I salute you Donna Karan.


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