Save my fashion soul!

Christmas day man, CHRISTMAS DAY. It’s a coming…and (oddly) I am up to my eyes with nights out and kiddie performances and going to see Mary Poppins and ALL the malarkey so I have no idea what I am going to wear on Christmas Day and running out of time to get it…AND we are hosting this year which adds to the general lack of outfit unrest!

Help me.

Which would you wear?

This dress from Zara…black tights OBVIOUSLY!!!



This ROCKING suit…with a different shirt perhaps!



This dress on Folkster. Check out the cutie toots collar…nice. Again, black tights would be necessary but the shoe option is wide open with this one.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 15.24.17

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 15.24.27

mmmmm…it’s quite the emma magnet…pulling me in a bit…

and then I went onto &otherstories looking for stuff and LOOK AT THESE SHOES….



This post is not about shoes!! OFF TOPIC CARTY, they call me…

Back to the outfit choices.

This top and trousers from Marks, which are not supposed to be together (sure who is??) but I think would look excellent. Plus my ma would NOT understand what I’m wearing, meaning I can listen to her tutting away through my prosecco haze…,en_IE,pd.html?dwvar_P22420591_color=B4&start=,en_IE,pd.html?dwvar_P22420653_color=B4&start=

or this?



Too much? Surely not I cry! Pure Foxy Cleopatra.

Of course I could just go with this look…


Subtle. Behind the scenes. Cooking sprouts in the kitchen…Yep, that’s the one…okay maybe not, but it’d be fun though!!

Just in case you’re into it…

Now, my fashion friends…this is where you come in…

Comment below and let me know which you think is the outfit of choice…go on…think of the children! I’ll even offer a throwback, should you too need to find an outfit fast.




5 thoughts on “Save my fashion soul!

  1. Jez Emma. I am totally drooling over that last sequinned jumpsuit from Asos. Im actually thinking of buying despite my 5 foot frame…….it will look good on a hanger on my wall if all else fails. I e love it. Lots of good stuff on your post I must say.. Michelle.


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