In Deep

Today’s outfit. It all came about when I woke up and heard the WIND and the RAIN outside. Haven’t even opened an eye and knew it was going to be a fashion challenge to a: keep warm and b: look cool. Oxymoron meet conundrum,today you guys are best mates.

Obviously I was gonna have to go with tights and boots. Which meant a dress. Now, you may or may not have heard me screeching from the rooftops but I am not shopping for Lent in an attempt to save for my wedding…I did however pay the deposit on THE wedding dress, a picture of which is here…




HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! AS IF, wait for November for that one.

Back to the point, this means I have no new stuff so needed to go to the back, BACK end of the wardrobe and find the pieces that have not seen the light of day for many a year (it’s a big closet believe you me). The clothes that are on the bottom layer of a 5 tiered hanger overlap…so the dresses that I forgot I have, essentially…yes FORGOT, and when you find a nice bit of kit that had totally slipped your mind, it is one happy day.

And here it is, the dress I discovered, from OASIS.


INDEEDIO. Starry, starry night eh? NO idea this was on the premises, but pulled it out this A.M. with a yelp of glee and “OHHHHHHHHHHYEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH, of course, marvellous.” Forgot to photoshop out the football and fallen bird house in the background, but hey, NOT the point.

And so, the pairing up began, the boots, from ZARA and the Chanel (er…fakers) pearls and I was out the back yelling at the 8 year old to TAKE A PHOTO.

She did. Quite a few in fact. But I’ve picked my favourites…


Notice the offending ball and birdhouse gone, photoshop, what a wonderful tool. Nothing done on me though, I always look that fecked off first thing in the morning. Show me a mother who doesn’t???


Great dress. What a discovery…So the moral of this tale? I would say do a regular clear out of the stock and who can say what you might find lying back there just waiting to be worn. I am planning a big one on Friday so you NEVER know what I might be wearing next week. Neon is back, right?

Clothes, the gift that keeps on giving.

One more shot, because we moved around the (massive) back yard.


That herb garden needs a bit of work.

But the DRESS, the dress.

Get rooting. Show me your finds in the comment section below. C’mon, we could start a new trend called shopping at home…..

Holy manoley, I’m desperate, WHEN is lent over???????



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