Stripe a pose

Another workday, another wardrobe challenge laid before me like some form of krypton factor torture…FIND AN OUTFIT EMMA…FIND ONE…and not one that you’ve worn in the last like two months because if nothing else it will keep your followers on their toes!!! I accept the gauntlet (naturally) and also I might add that because I slept in, time was also an issue so I was literally against the clock.

Hit the Klaxon!!

Actually though, this morning proved quite easy…I was looking at a long dress I got in Zara in the sales (have we met?) but it was a bit too summery, however underNEATH it, I spied the playsuit that I bought before Christmas, I think…I shop a lot, that has not been worn yet.


The link to this sweet sue popped up on my twitter feed one day and I fell in love, or more accurately into some sort of shoppers trance which made me click through all the way until I was paying money and let out a sigh of contentment that my kind know only too well. The fix.

Here’s what tickled my fancy…

See? Cutie, tootie, wootie, smootie!

And this is how I styled it…


Tights. For obvious reasons. And then I ran with the black and reddish boots to pick up the red stripe and my lovely pendant necklace that happened to be EXACTLY the right colour.

Listen if you buy 50 millions things in a year, a perfect match is bound to happen occasionally…!

And finally my new (before Lent) or BL as I like to call it. HOT AS A HOT THING ON NATIONAL HOT DAY sunglasses.

The smug photo. Rocking back in glee at my lovely playsuit.


And you TOO can pick yourself up one of these beauties. Tell them I sent you.

For all the other accoutrements check out my twitter feed or instagram and get sorted.

Right. I’m off.



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