Bag Lady

ooooh you know those days….*shiver*

The…can’t get out of bed/tooooo tired/wish my fella was loaded and I didn’t have to work/nothing fits me/everyone can see the massive spot on my chin/I look old/screw this…type of day? I’m in the middle of one, as you will see from my animated facial expression.


Indeed. The mood is high. An odd choice then, you may suggest, to decide to write a blog post about my outfit. Yes….and NO, you see in a mad turn of events this post is not really about me (when is it ever about me???) or what I am wearing, no, today it is all about my bag. This absolute steal of an awesome, AWESOME bag that I got in the charity shop for TEN EURO!

Get out of town.

And on further inspection, the label inside reads Uterque. Excellent find. I am not usually a regular in second hand shops but do dip in and out occasionally just in cases. If anything I go in for books or crazy homewares (you’d be surprised) but this time, the fashion Gods picked me and I found this beautiful piece of kit.

Zooming in.



It has two compartments for all my bits and pieces and both close with that old school snap clasp. Now you wouldn’t fit a load of stuff in there for a night out, but sure that’s what carriers, whoops I mean boyfriends, are for. And ANYWAY, this kind of stuff is not for function! It’s for fabulousness.

The rest. Oh God. Black, obvious choice for a ‘not in the mood’ Tuesday. Leather tracksuit bottoms (to make it look like some effort was put in and I’m not wearing actual trackie daks) and a polo are exactly what I need today. Throw on a pair of shoestoppers (guffaw) and it was a done deal.

The bag from another angle here girls. IT IS SO GOOD. Still can’t believe the find.


In a move from the leftfield, I grabbed my leopard number on the way out the door, perhaps to confuse people into thinking I was being pure stylish today instead of just OVER IT.

Anyhoo, that’s today’s little ditty. One more shot for the cheap seats as I look wistfully off into the distance and dream about the sofa later on.


That is until I remember I am booked into the gym at 6 for a class.

GODDAMMMM wedding fitness regime.

Til the next time xxx


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