One Hit Wonder

And here we have a selection of images of Emma in her new FANTASTIC jump-suit from ASOS. That is all, nothing else to see here, if fashion is not your thing, move along…

The jump-suit, you may purchase here. (Look what I learned to do also, no more long crazy links inserted, I have caught up!)

So, let’s get going, here I am outside the house this morning…


Posing my ass off, the neighbours think I am totally up myself, well…keeps those awkward chats by the gates at bay…

Here I am shouting at Mr Carty to get my sunglasses and he is taking AGES, hence the filthy…


Ah boys…trying little creatures.

Here I am at the gate, with aforementioned shades


Notice the baby in the car waiting patiently for his loolaa ma. It’s a truly nice jump-suit though, right? And so cheap! I have paired it with a necklace from good ole a|wear and some Zara shoes. So easy, and it is pure comfy too.

I bid you adieu…




2 thoughts on “One Hit Wonder

  1. Hi Emma – hope you’re well! I’m looking for silver very high shoes like the Zara ones in your latest blog. Can’t find them online – are they old? Jean


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