Back in the saddle

So, the sales are finally wrapping up. There is a corner in every shop with a dusty, dishevelled, last chance rail…usually looking like it had a crazy night out and is in bits. NO INTEREST. Gimme new stuff now shops!, I am bored.


The high street does not disappoint. There is some CHOICE gear on offer. Luckily for you I have pinpointed the 7 excellent sins you need to get your hands on toute suite. It’s a fashion rat race out there girls, pounce before it’s too late.

First to Zara (have we met?)


Absolute cracker of a skirt. So stylish and edgy and slightly Mad Men-esque. Total winner. Buy it here.

Or this sexy, oriental fabuloso piece of kit, which I have, in fact, bought for myself. Come on…what else is the point of all this fashion research, if not to skim a bit off the top!!!


Ay, caramba!

Haute as all fashion hell. It appears to have sold out ALREADY. But do email them for a reminder when it is back in. Worth the wait. Here you GO.

Dragging myself away from that gorgeous shop now, we head to ASOS.

Winter is coming, you are going to need boots. FACT, (especially if you buy that skirt in ZARA…meant to be together).



Fun times, eh??

Boots?? We got boots coming out of our ears…check out this absolute EXCEPTIONAL pair either…


Oh Good God. Stop ALL the lights. BUY!

Those boots would be a willing bed fellow with this dandy jacket from Mango, I’d wager.


Love a spot of tweed in the autumn. Quite the Dapper Dan.

This next one is a SPECTACULAR treat. Just beauteous.


Thank you Finery, you evil geniuses, for this jumpsuit. One-pieces rule and this is the Caesar of it’s kind.

A cocktail ring…ooh yes, that would finish us off nicely.


Holy MANOLEY. Look, if anyone wants to buy me a present just because they think I am awesome, look no further. This ring is dynamite.

That’s all I got shoppers, talk soon






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