Halfway House

So, this is what is happening. I get up, get ready for work, get EVERYBODY packed up for school: lunch boxes, sneakers, change of clothes, swimming bag, jackets a go-go. Then, open the front door and it is chilly to say the least, making me go ‘oh see now, the worm has finally turned, there is an R in the month’ and all that, ergo I grab a coat…fast forward to lunchtime and I am melting in said coat, as the sun has come out and suddenly it’s mid July outside and I am dressed completely inappropriately. More often than not I am wearing a light top or dress under the huge coat and it may be warm , BUT not warm enough to wear one layer and go it alone…

Therein lies today’s conundrum.

The midway jacket…or light covering…or halfway house (geddit?)

I have rifled through NUMEROUS websites on your behalf, tough going let me tell you, and found a couple of sexy little numbers that I think will get us all out of this very real fashion noodle scratcher.

First to Mango.

A kimono, eh? Yes indeedio, I think you will find this will get you through the ‘what the absolute frig is going on with the weather?’ situation and in a fashion WATCHOUT way. Love the detailing on the back.

Or they have this bomber…cutie toots.

Perfect with a white tee and a pair of jeans for legging it around in, or to throw on at the weekend if you need to run out for that elusive carton of milk.

I am still in Mango, because really, they have this problem solved…the last pick from under this particular tree is this creation. It is slightly unusual and may have your mates/ma’s at the school gates/work colleagues thinking – ‘oh, that’s it, there it is, she’s lost it’. I beg to differ…look at it again, it is aces high.

It’s silk and textured and different and throw on and hot. Get it.

Next to ASOS and I’ll wager this cape is the perfect solution to the mid – weather crisis and the beauty of this…it will go with EVERYTHING. E V E R Y T H I N G.

Not that I would be pairing it with little shorts and a cowboy hat like crazy boots there, but you know what I mean. You can put this on over whatever when the sun goes in and be all snug and foxy at the same time.

Or they have this deadly army style jacket, with a nod to the girl in all of us thanks to some sequin detailing. This is your weekend solution.

Nice. Plus, if, like me, you have kids, you will go to the park. That’s right. Cinderella may go to the ball, but momma’s go to the park. So, exhibit A. above is a cool contender or for those more uncertain weather days you could opt for exhibit B. below from H&M which has a hood for extra protection. All bases covered.


If you ask me, the jacket du jour from H&M is this awesome little go faster stripe chickadee. I LOVE THIS.

I have bought it. This blog writing business is killing me.

For a more dressed up…oooh it’s cold outside…situation. Like work, date night, girlie lunches. I have unearthed this beaut in River Island.

Very classy and sophis. Quite the find.

And finally…to Zara. As always…my love.

There is this amazing sleeveless wool extravaganza, like our ASOS cape up above is an easy to throw on or off, warm up/cool down, fix.

I mean this just screams money. Wearing this and flouncing around the place like a fashion swan. No one will know you are overdrawn up to your eyes. No one.

Last up, a cool, rock n roll, jacket, that you should just get anyway even if the country is covered in snow. Weather is no object here, this piece is simply a must buy.


There you go…no excuse now little ladies, you can never be caught on the hop again. Something in this mix will be your drug of choice and mid season dressing is, literally, all wrapped up.

I’m off.



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