Guess who’s back…?

Well, well, well, is it yourself?

Yes I have returned. Calm has been restored. The wedding and all the bananas involved in that are over and done with. We had a marvellous day…Marvelloso. Watch this space for a blog post soon about THE dress and the excellent people who made it for me. BUT. Today we are all about this jumpsuit…


mmmm…from Zara…of course and it is ONLY €29.95. Oh yes. Get your hands on it here.  Or hang on til the January sales when it will be, like, 50c.

They also have this interesting skirt situation in the same style…


But I digress…

Now, as always, there is a tale to tell behind my purchasing of said jumpsuit. I bought it a while back as my next day outfit. You know, the day after the I do’s, when you emerge from your hotel room, resplendent and elegant with all the panache of a newlywed.

Er…you might as well buy yourself a glass hammer.

A next day outfit??? What WAS I THINKING? I am quite sure there are crazy horse brides out there who do go to bed early and do walk around breakfast the following morning looking radiant…the LOONS. No way was I leaving a party full of all our mates to go to bed. So I crawled down to reception on day one of married life, in my pleather tracksuit bottoms (oh yes – they were on sale), a tee shirt and the sequin jacket I wore over my wedding dress. Ridey.

Plus a massive pair of shades (textbook). I checked out in about two secs and jumped in a cab home to pack for honeymoon. Next day outfit…it’s right up there with that nappy bag scam I tells ya…just use a bag!!!!!

I am an old married woman now, with one foot in the grave and another…oh no wait, that’s Peig. I’m an old married woman now, back to work and so…today I wore (can you guess)…


Ta DAH! A much better idea to save it for the office. I will put up all the details of the bits and pieces accompanying it on my instagram page for you little Christmas elves. Suffice to say it is like wearing a big cloud, the COMFORT.

One more wistful shot for the cheap seats.


And I’m off, but fear not, now that we’re married and have literally nothing left to talk about, this blog will be on fire.

Love from Mrs. Sutton



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