The time is NOW

January. FFS. The longest you can get from Christmas. Boo. Hate it, and I took down all the decorations and now my house looks average…at best.


January does have one good thing to offer…the sales…and one in particular, no, not ZARA (shocker)…well kinda actually…their sister site Uterque. WAY too expensive during the year for my battered purse strings, but just once, in January, it’s my oyster.


So, take a butchers at my drugs of choice this dreary day. Instant happiness guaranteed.

First up, this 70’s fantastical blouse. It’s just bonkers enough to be rocking.


‘You make me feel like dancing….’ DEADLY.

Or, perhaps you are more the hoedown type of lady?? No worries, got you covered…


With an added nod to the frill there, ALL the rage apparently. GET IT HERE.

Also catching my (fashion) eye was this poncho. Cool for work, you know when it is freezing and you are at your desk, all shivery? Don’t reach for a ‘had better days’ cardigan…get this!


Snug as a -WHITE HOT- bug.



The complete RIDEYNESS of this. Really, no more words needed. Just buy it.

You don’t have a pair of sequin culottes in your wardrobe? WHAT? Oh dear, don’t worry, emmaisthenewblack is here…


A couple of second looks round the photocopier with those bad boys, I’d say.

And finally, from the gift that only comes once a year….



We all need a great pair of black trousers…and these are the ones.

I bought them. Just between us.

Thank you Uterque, til next year old friend…


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