can’t stop the feeling…

Last Saturday was possibly the best day ever. Definitely the best day of 2017 so far…Let me bring you up to speed. So…me and my cousin have now started a tradition, we both get Zara vouchers for Christmas and sit on them until three weeks into January, when, you guessed it, the prices in the sale have been SLASHED…see where I’m going with this…

Anyway, to make it more of a party, we tell the boys that they are minding the children and we get dressed up, go to Dundrum, shop up a STORM and then hit the wine bar. Nice.

Saturday was GREAT!

I had a voucher for €100 and LOOK at all the stuff I got. Now…some of it has sold out already when I went online to find you a pic…but I’m telling you, there are still some seriously golden nuggets left both online and in the store, so get on it!

This was my Saturday haul…

Yep…ALL of that.

Starting from the top…the yellow trousers, the tartan trews, the green top, the dress, the WHOLE outfit…black striped trousers and blue shirt, the beige jumpsuit, the ridiculously awesome clutch and the denim shirt.

AND a floral shirt dress and navy top that are no longer online.

It all came in at €114 but really I just handed over €14!



But look, it got even better. We then went to a lovely tapas bar and had some mighty fine Tempranillo accompanied by delicious patatas bravas and THEN we went home on the luas, not forgetting to stop in for an aul pint or two in Slatterys in Rathmines. Before getting home at 8.30ish and tipsily showing my two sons (3 and 6 – who were in my bed) my LOOT! They were pure interested, let me tell you…although they did find it amusing watching me trying to s q u e e z e it all into the groaning wardrobe.

Good times indeed. Til next year.

But wait, just because I am banoooonas…while I was trying to find pix of my new additions to show you, naturally I found more stuff I want. Janey Macks, I feel like a fashion Veruca Salt.

Look though…


Jumpsuit of dreamy dreams.


DENIM culottes. Sure this is a stroke of genius.


I am not sure why I like this top, but I like it.


Ah yeah, hot skirt alert.

It actually never ends. Did I mention I am giving up shopping for Lent. I’m bound to be a barrel of laughs for those 40 days.

Although surely that means I can have one final spree before it kicks of…

*clears throat*

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