Like a fine wine that has been fermenting in a cellar somewhere in the south of France awaiting the right moment, I have returned from my little hiatus of writing with a small, but worthy, blog post for you, to ease us back into this world of wonder.

This post is like a really good weekend, so pay attention because it’ll be over before you know it:

It all revolves around this dress that I am sporting today.


Clearly I have dressed to match my back garden. Talk about taking accessorising to a whole new level. The COMMITMENT.

Anyhow, the dress is from Littlewoods Ireland and here it is onsite worn by a, literal, younger model.


It’s just better lighting is all! You can find this cheeky little number here

And just for the cheap seats, here’s another one of me in my autumnal themed stage.


I have teamed it with my old and trusty Zara boots and some shades because the print is quite trying after a while…it’s kinda like being really upclose to a telly.

And there we go…for today…more next week for you to peruse. I mean I could go on and on about the lines, the silhouette, the trend that it follows for this season, but none of that sheep stuff interests me. It’s a nice dress, I liked it, I ordered it, it did not disappoint and now I am wearing it. A short, but very sweet, tale.

Phew, that went alright actually, time to get back on the (clothes) horse!

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