Needle in a Haystack

THIS is what happened.

I was sitting down on my sofa watching Celebrity Operation Transformation about two weeks ago. I did a podcast with James Patrice a good while back and he is HILARIOUS, so I was tuning in to see how he was getting on.

Here it is, should you fancy a cuppa and a break from the routine for an hour:

ANYway…Kathryn Thomas comes out with this UNREAL necklace on her. I mean, it was flinging-flanging, mouth-watering stuff. Immediately my interest was piqued, and I was on my phone scouring the internet for the source of this wondrous adornment….

This was herself with the necklace…

I KNOW, right?

However, my search proved futile…I couldn’t find a dickie bird. I even messaged Ms Thomas on twitter, like we were old friends (er, we’re not). But such was my desperation to get my hands on one of these boys.

No dice.

Cut to the next morning and I go into work, share my woes with my desk buddy, who goes into warp speed Cagney & Lacey mode and has found the source in TWO MINUTES.


Instagram. Goddammit, of COURSE! I felt like a right eegit, let me tell you.

So. This necklace is from the talented lady at KIKI NA ART  who I emailed, had a lovely chat with, came up with an icon for my own piece (Coco Chanel…well, c’mon!) and ordered it. And thus we come to the point of the post:


That, my friends, is the face of true happiness.


It took less that two weeks to arrive and I am deeelighted.

A close up…


And a pout…


You can even see my ‘photographer’ there in the window. Fun for all the family!

Thanking you muchly KIKI NA ART.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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